Capture Your Summer Vacation in a Photo Book

Whether you and your family are taking a road trip or a Caribbean cruise this summer, a photo book is an excellent way to capture your vacation adventures. With a personalized photo book, you can showcase your memories in ways that are unique and professional looking without losing any of the intimacy. Here are 3 tips to help you create the perfect summer vacation photo book…

Focus on a Theme

Obviously your photo book will have a theme – your summer vacation. But why not make it more specific? Choose a theme that centers around what you want your photo book to mean such as “A Day at the Beach” or “Camping in the Wilderness.” For a traveling abroad theme, try to include shots from the airport as well as the names of the places & cities you visited.

Add in the Extras

Your photobook doesn’t have to be just about photos! In fact, you could scan your ticket stubs, brochures, receipts or restaurant bills! Include those as part of your photo book so that you will always have a copy of the special “throwaway” items from your trip that often end up in the garbage. This is especially a good idea if you plan to make your summer vacation photo book have a timeline. Use plane tickets and photos of the airport at the beginning and then add items as you complete your book. This adds realism and ensures that those items that can be misplaced or lost will be remembered for years to come.

Have Fun

Some people get too caught up in the technicalities instead of simply using the photo book to remember what a great time you had. Take your time instead of hurrying things along just to get it done. The more time you take to gather all photos and items to include in your book, the more you’ll be happy with the final result. Also, before wrapping it up ask your family members if there is anything they’d like to add to the book. They can always come up with cool ideas you didn’t think about!

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