Halloween DIY decorations and crafts

Can you believe it’s Halloween next Friday already? If you have been too busy and haven’t had the chance to get into the holiday spirit, don’t panic! There is still plenty of time to get your house looking spooky for all of the trick-or-treaters. Try out these Halloween DIY projects – your house will be looking haunted in no time!

Halloween painted jar luminaries


This is great for busy families or those with young children who aren’t ready for pumpkin carving just yet. This safe, inexpensive mason jar DIY is a perfect way to get your home in the Halloween spirit and still be able to get your children involved in the process. If stored properly, these jars will be good to use for many years – just add an extra layer of glaze before the big night!

DIY Halloween window décor


Window décor is a unique and easy way to set your house apart during October. You can virtually print out anything you want from the internet in the size that you wish. After printing out the chosen objects, use them as a stencil and cut out the object in the self-adhesive craft vinyl. Make sure your windows are clean, apply the vinyl, and voila! Your spooky Halloween setting is ready to be seen by your entire neighbourhood.

Halloween buckets


This DIY is a cute way to personalize your child’s candy bag instead of using an old pillow case. It can be designed to match your child’s Halloween costume, and you can choose the size of the bucket as well (the bigger the bucket, the more candy you get!). This is a great project for your kids to help with if they are getting anxious for the holiday.

Pumpkin doormat


Do you want some Halloween décor but something a little more subtle than a 10ft. inflatable monster on your front lawn? Well this is the perfect DIY for you! Creating this pumpkin doormat is easy and inexpensive, and adds just the touch of holiday spirit you are going for. You can use a doormat of your choice and paint your pumpkins whatever colors you like. Your guests won’t be able to hide their grin when they see pumpkins smiling back up at them!

DIY fall wreaths

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Adding a fall wreath to your front door is one of the best ways to decorate your home when transitioning into autumn. These inexpensive DIY wreaths are also a great activity to complete with children at any age. Just set aside some time during the weekend, pick a style out of the 50 designs, and begin your project! The 50 designs showcase a variety of styles – ones that are more directed towards the season or specifically for Halloween. Below are just a few styles to choose from!

Creative pumpkin carving ideas


Running out of ideas for pumpkin carving year after year? We have found 38 creative (and amazing!) pumpkin carving ideas that will wow your trick-or-treaters and their parents. For children who are old enough to carve pumpkins, these are some neat ideas to get your pumpkin carving skills noticed in the neighborhood. We have a feeling you won’t be able to pick just one design, so a great idea is to have a pumpkin carving competition with friends and family. Multiple designs can be used and it’s an event that brings everyone together!

Have a safe and scary Halloween!