At Elephoto we love to engage with our fans in the social space! And one of the ways that we do this is through contests and giveaway promotions. Below are the rules, terms and conditions for these types of events.  Thank you so much for participating and being the best fans out there!

Official rules for @Elephoto Twitter and Facebook giveaways, Quizzes and Trivias:

  1. Sweepstakes (contest, trivia and giveaways) are open to followers and friends of the official Twitter (@elephoto) and Facebook ( pages of only.
  2. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older as of the start of each promotion.
  3. For all Trivias, Quizzes, Riddles, Photo and Number Guessing Contests, only 1 answer per participant is accepted. Participants who submit multiple answers will not be eligible to win.
  4. Employees, officers, directors, representatives and agents of any or The Printing House Ltd. entities and their immediate families and those living in their same household, whether or not related, are not eligible for any @elephoto Twitter or Facebook giveaway.
  5. The @elephoto Twitter and Facebook administrators will determine giveaway recipients at their sole and absolute discretion.
  6. If a contest or giveaway winner has received an @elephoto Twitter or Facebook giveaway in the last 30 days, they are not eligible.
  7. If a giveaway recipient is determined to be ineligible, @elephoto Twitter and/or Facebook administrators may, in their sole and absolute discretion, not give away the goods or may give the goods to the next eligible social participant.
  8. Winners will be required to privately provide their email address or reach out to @elephoto Twitter (Via DM) or Facebook (via the email address) to validate their identity and provide their address, to claim their prize
  9. The @elephoto Twitter and Facebook administrators will not keep or store your information or use it for any purpose other than sending your giveaway item(s) or providing you information on receiving the item(s).
  10. Recipients of Elephoto prizing gift codes may not sell their codes. Codes are valid for use only by the recipient of the code.

Official rules for Facebook “Caption it!” contests

  1. Participants may submit photos to for consideration to be posted on the Facebook wall for use in the “Caption it!” contests.  Submit photos with first name and last initial along with home town and province (ex: John S. from Toronto, ON) to be posted as photo credit.
  2. Submissions are confirmed by participants as owners of the photo or having permission to submit the photo for use by Facebook for the “Caption it!” contests.
  3. Selection of the photos is made by Facebook administrators in their sole and absolute discretion.
  4. The “Caption it!” contests will take place on the Facebook wall.
  5. Participants are to share original captions by commenting on the “Caption it!” photo posted on the Facebook wall.
  6. Any comments deemed to be inappropriate will be deleted by the Facebook administrators.
  7. Winner will be determined based on the number of likes received by each Caption within the contest timeframe outlined by the Facebook administrators in the Facebook post. The Caption with the most likes will be deemed the winner.
  8. All official rules for the Twitter and Facebook sweepstakes (contests, trivia, and giveaways) as noted above apply to the Facebook “Caption it!” contest.