Unique Gift Ideas for Baby Showers

There is no denying that shopping for a baby shower gift is difficult. There is a lot of stress involved in making sure you have chosen a stellar gift. Here are some tips that will help you pick the ideal present…

Keep It Personal

Soon-to-be parents love having personalized items for their little ones. Custom gifts show that you have put considerable thought and effort into choosing the perfect gift.

With Elephoto, you can make a hardcover photobook full of photos that can tell the story of the baby’s arrival. In a world where digital photos reign it is always nice to have a tangible reminder. This gives you the opportunity to share photos from both mom and dad’s past. Including a few photos from the pregnancy with some cute captions is a nice touch. In addition, you can have other baby shower attendees submit their own pictures ahead of time and make it a group effort.

There are other ways to give a personalized gift that will make the new parents swoon. Any nursery needs soothing wall art. A personalized poster with baby’s initials is a great way to help parents decorate. If you have a personal connection with one of the parents, perhaps an inside joke, consider getting something related to it for the baby.

Handmade Goodies

Nothing beats a gift made with tender loving care. If you have the skill you might consider making a cute hat to keep the baby’s head warm in the upcoming winter months or a diaper cover to go under a summer dress.

Even if you cannot sew, knit or crochet you can still contribute something with handmade love. Buy a simple onesie, shirt or dress and an iron-on appliqué. You can find easy instructions for applying the iron-on and it will look fantastic.

Other Thoughtful Treasures

New parents love the opportunity to make memories with their new little one. A birth year box is a lovely way to allow parents to store prized memorabilia from the baby’s first year without losing them. A journal where family can document the baby’s first year is another great gift that can involve everybody.

baby sling can be incredibly useful for a new parent. A sling allows a baby up to 25 pounds to be at mom’s side while she is shopping, working or even resting at home.

If you are still unsure what to get the parents-to-be then you might consider a themed gift basket. They are cute and contain a wide variety of items new parents will adore.

Creating a Nursery for Your Baby

Decorating a baby’s nursery is one of the most exciting parts of planning for a newborn. However, between all the different furniture pieces and accessories, it can quickly become overwhelming for any parent-to-be. It is important to remember that while there are so many important decisions to make during the countdown for the baby, creating a nursery should be enjoyable and fun above all.

Once the baby is born, the nursery will become a special place for you and your baby where countless hours will be spent feeding, snuggling and caring for your little one. Therefore, a well-planned nursery will need to be functional, comfortable and personalized to fit the unique needs of a new addition to the family.

Basic room furniture for babies

In order for a nursery to be functional, some basic furniture will be required. Most nurseries require:

  • a crib
  • a dresser
  • a changing table.

Most parents also like to include a rocking chair or glider to help put the baby to sleep. Because furniture takes up a large amount of space, it can be a strong basis from which to create a decorating plan for the nursery. Nursery furniture comes in a variety of colors including white, cherry wood and dark brown. There are also a variety of crib styles that include round, classic and convertible. The type of furniture and colors that are selected will depend largely upon your personal tastes. However, it is important to keep in mind that certain furniture colors work better with a particular theme than others. For example, white furniture can be a great color for a sailor theme while dark wood can lend a natural feel to a jungle theme.

Selecting a Theme

When decorating a nursery, ideas will come up easier if you choose a theme. There are literally hundreds of themes that you can work with, some of the most popular ones include: animals, floral, sports, sea life, cartoons & alphabet. Once a theme has been selected, the rest of the nursery accessories can be used to help enhance the overall look of the room. For example, a butterflies and garden theme might inspire a pink and purple paint scheme with butterfly accents for the walls. Curtains and wall art can create a great ambience to your baby room. For instance, Canvas prints of family photos or flowers can be hung near the crib or over a rocking chair. Whatever theme you decide to work with, it is important to keep it consistent throughout the room to avoid a cluttered look. You can later add more personalized art to the walls by adding your baby’s name and photos

Adding a Personalized Touch

Finally, after all the hard work that you have put into planning for furniture and basic accessories, it is time to have a little fun adding a personal touch to the nursery. This can be achieved by framing poster prints of family pictures to be hung on the walls or by painting letters of your newborn’s name and hanging them with ribbons. A handmade quilt could also be draped over a chair or the side of the crib.

The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating a nursery. The few months before your baby is born are a great time to get creative and explore some different decorating possibilities. By remembering to keep the decorating scheme functional, comfortable and personal, a nursery will provide many months of enjoyment for both you and your precious newborn.