Tips to Create the Perfect Baby Photobook

Capturing the magical moments of your baby’s first year is easier than ever with Elephoto’s photo books. You may have heard from mothers of older children that these moments are fleeting. Creating a baby photo book will help you preserve your precious memories forever. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few pointers:

Organize Chronologically or Thematically

A good photo book is organized to tell a story, and the best way to do this is to group your pictures into specific time periods or particular events and activities. Chronological organization is an easy way for beginners to organize a baby book since you simply create a page for each month of your baby’s life.

To create a thematic photo book, dedicate a single page to major events in your baby’s life. Birth, coming home, holidays, baptism, first birthday and similar events make good themes for each page. In addition, you should create a few pages centering on everyday activities like eating or taking a bath. Don’t forget to include a page in the beginning of the book that’s dedicated to your pregnancy.

Don’t Miss the Firsts

Regardless of how you choose to arrange your baby’s photo book, be sure to capture all of his or her firsts. First bath, first smile, rolling over, first tooth, crawling, walking and first birthday are all important. You can probably think of more firsts that are unique to your baby and family.

Include Important People

The book is about your baby, but be sure to include plenty of photos with important people. Your baby will appreciate looking at these photographs when he is older.


Be sure to include text that documents events; dates and names are especially important. Even if you think you’ll remember each moment forever, you should journal. Soon enough, your baby will be a teenager and the details will be hazy.

Less is More

When you’re designing your photo book, go with your instincts and create a layout that reflects your baby’s personality. However, don’t try to cram every photo you’ve taken into the book; instead choose a few special moments that stand out from each month of your baby’s first year.

Your friends and relatives will love browsing through this pictorial record of your baby’s first year, and when your baby is older, he will treasure the photo book that you lovingly created.

Photo Books for Babies

Having a baby is probably one of the most important events in a couple’s life. Too often, parents take a few pictures of their baby here and there, but never organize them in a way that truly represents how beautiful that time of their life was. Making a Photo book for your baby is definitely a great way to embellish those moments and cherish them for the rest of your life.

Years ago, before the digital age took over the world, people kept baby albums which consisted of traditional photos put in the album’s compartments or glued to its thick pages. Some people still have those today, but the sad reality is that most of those photos are discolored, beginning to fade or have stuck to the pages. This is where Elephoto’s Photo Books are a huge benefit. We will print the photos directly onto the pages, using first class printing technology. The images will never get torn because people are pulling them out of the album, nor will they start to take a yellow tint with age. Plus, they require no additional care, you just need to treat them as you would treat any other book.

Elephoto lets you build your Baby Photo Book exactly the way you want it. You can choose the size, the template, the cover and organize your photos any way you want. Photo books for babies are great gifts to give anyone, especially mothers! Mother’s Day, for example, is a great occasion to give her a photo book of her baby’s first years. She will be thankful, and the kids will also be thankful when they grow up and have all these beautiful memories of the times when they were still cute and innocent!