How parents can get ready for back to school

As the nights start getting cooler and summer is coming to an end, every child’s nightmare is becoming all too real – school is about to begin! This year, it’s time to get your kids excited about their education and be prepped for the school year ahead. Here are a few fun, creative back-to-school essentials that we just had to share!

Back to school countdown printables


This is a neat way to get a child of any age excited to go back to school. A seven day countdown is perfect to get your student ready for the school year ahead with mini-quizzes on the back of the card each day. For younger children leaving the nest for the first time, writing questions on the back regarding important information is a great way to feel assured that they will be okay without parents around. Questions about if they have allergies, their parents’ full names, and their home address will help the young ones memorize essential information about themselves. Writing an activity to complete that day to create some last-minute summer memories, or simply writing a reflection each day about your child’s eventful summer holiday are just a few other ideas for this fun, personalized back-to-school essential!

Creative lunches


This is a great lunch to make to get kids excited rather than having to force down the same PB&J sandwich every day. In this example, home-made mini tacos are a healthier version of Lunchables and a fun way to spice up a child’s lunch bag! Making these creative lunches are also a great way of getting your child involved and talking about their day at school. Allow them to help pick out a recipe and make their lunch while hearing their stories about class, recess, and new friendships. Creative lunches are sure to help fix the problem of a fussy eater!

DIY portable homework station


Focusing more on middle-aged kids and teens, the portable homework station lets the student decide where they want to complete their homework, while ensuring they have all of the school supplies necessary. It’s a perfect set-up when your children are in that messy-teenager-stage, and always seem to be looking for everything that has been misplaced.

Hallway art display


This back-to-school essential is a prettier way to display your child’s artwork instead of trying to fit everything onto the fridge door. The clothes-line technique allows you to easily change your child’s artwork during the year to stay up-to-date with your little artist! To make your hallway art display really stand out, print a quote of your choice in vinyl to create additional wall décor.

Candy pencils


This is a creative, school-themed treat to give your child on their first day of school at any age. Just create the pencil, fill it up with your child’s favorite candy, and it will be sure to make them smile! This is also a great gift to give to the entire class on the first day of school to welcome them all into a new school year.

Printable lunch note design


Send a memorable message to your child with these complementary lunch note designs!

Everything teachers need for back to school

If you’re a teacher, you know that it’s already time to start planning and organizing for the upcoming school year. Whether you are changing classrooms completely or just need to do some revamping, here are a few creative (and necessary) essentials that will make your classroom stand out from the rest.

Creative bulletin board ideas

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Focused more so for elementary classes, bulletin board designs are always a fun way to get little ones excited about their new classroom for the year – the ideas are endless! The bulletin boards can be focused on a theme that is trending at the moment, or reflect a classic childhood memory like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. All you need is a great idea, a few hours, and some art supplies and the finished product will speak for itself. Here are a few of the most popular ideas for bulletin boards:

Posters for the classroom

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Filling your walls with posters is a great way to get important information across to students. Posters can have information about their studies, rules in the classroom, labelling where products are, or even motivational quotes on how to succeed. Here at Elephoto, you can create your own posters with a few sizes to choose from! To help get your classroom ready, above are some examples of posters that are school-friendly.

Lost & found supplies

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Having a designated area for lost and found school supplies is a great way to ensure that students know where to look if they are missing anything, or if they forgot their own supplies and need to borrow a pen or pencil. With the lost supplies area clearly marked and visible, students can gather what they need with little disruption to the rest of the class. You can pick a container that fits best with your class and design the label however you want. Get your creative juices flowing!

Teacher to-do lists


It’s impossible to remember everything that needs to be done in a work week. This is why every teacher needs a to-do list or weekly planner to stay organized in the classroom! Whether it’s for personal use or used as a daily agenda for the entire class to see, there are a variety of printable to-do lists and planners to choose from.

Lesson plan organization & labels with free weekday printables


Ensure your lesson plans are complete and organized properly with a designated area for all of your hard work! The lesson plan organizer is also very helpful for substitute teachers, minimizing any confusion to what should be completed that day. Students who are absent will also know where to look for any assignments or homework that they missed the day before. Organize your lesson plans to suit your style and download the free weekday printables to label each day!

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Student name tags

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With dozens of new faces coming through your classroom door, you might need a bit of help remembering every student’s name. Never fear, name tags are here! The possibilities are endless in terms of design ideas for student name tags. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, circus animals, and chevron are just a few examples that would work for many grades.