Quality and Flexibility for Restaurant Owners to Create Great Looking Menus

Ever notice how, when you go to a restaurant that has nice colorful photos of their dishes, it makes you even more eager to try their food? It’s no secret that the five senses are all connected. Some will argue that it doesn’t really matter as long as the food itself is good, which is true, but no one can deny the fact that a cheap looking menu rarely makes you look forward to the food.

A restaurant menu design is a reflection of the restaurant itself. Anything from food descriptions, fonts used, photos, layouts and colors, should match the restaurant’s concept, location and theme. We, at Elephoto, are proud to have helped many restaurants present their food in a neat, unique and elegant way. We provide professional design services to make sure the dishes are exposed in a way that truly represents the restaurant style and concept. We give all businesses (not just restaurants) full design control and the ability to print multiple copies of their creation at competitive prices and with fantastic turnaround time.

Elephoto’s photo books are not only a convenient and cost effective way of printing menus, but they also have the potential to be used for marketing purposes. Restaurant owners can choose to create a Promotional Photo Book that presents their chefs and sous-chefs’ profiles, their restaurant’s history, staff members and their most popular dishes. They can then choose to submit their books to relevant businesses like Hotels or Tourism Agencies to gain exposure and attract new clients.