6 Fall Photography Tips for Beginners

Fall is an amazing time of the year for both amateur and professional photographers… the beautiful yellow/orange/red landscapes, the misty mornings, the crispy air. It is truly a great season to get your camera out and go capture the seasonal beauty. These easy to remember tips will definitely help to improve your shots…

Focus on a Unique Subject

The first tip is to find a subject that is unique. Once you have your unique subject, then think about how close to the subject that you can get. Move your feet when possible, instead of relying on the zoom on the camera.

Put the Subject in a Corner

Secondly, remember to look at your viewfinder as a “tic-tac-toe board”. In your mind’s eye, draw the board over the viewfinder. Instead of centering the subject in the middle of your viewfinder, put it on one of the places where two lines cross.

Avoid Distracting Backgrounds

Now that you have a subject and have it positioned in the viewfinder, then look at the background. Is there anything distracting about the background? If you find something distracting, then what can you do about it? You may have several choices to line up your perfect fall photo. Some possible choices include:

  • Shoot lower
  • Shoot higher
  • Move to the right
  • Move to the left
  • Move the subject
  • Move the distraction

Use the “Golden Hour”

It is important to watch the position of the sun when shooting your photos. You want the sun behind you when you shoot almost all photos. If you have a choice, then shoot the first hour after the sun comes up in the morning and the last hour before the sun goes down in the evening. These two hours are known as the golden hours in the world of photography and there is something magical about the light during those two hours.

Use Lines to Set Emotions

Make unusual lines your friends. Look at the lines in your subject. Vertical lines help to give your photo a sense of height and dignity. Horizontal lines are calming and relaxing. Diagonal lines give a sense of motion and power. Think about what emotion you want your fall photo to portray and see what lines you can emphasize in your photo to help portray that emotion.

The Power of a Leading Line

One of the most powerful lines in a photo is a leading line. A leading line draws the viewer’s eyes into the photo. It starts in the corner of a photo and runs at a diagonal through the photo. Researchers have found that a viewer will look at an average photo for two seconds before moving on, but if the photo has a leading line, then they will look at the photo for six seconds.

Record the beauty of fall with your camera. The vivid colors of fall and the cooler temperatures makes a great time to go out and play!

5 Activities that are More Fun in Autumn

The cool & colorful days of autumn are here!

Autumn brings relief from summer heat and also features beautiful displays of fall outdoor colors. Autumn is a perfect time to get outdoors to enjoy some great activities. Here are 5 outdoor activities that are fun in summer, but “way funner” in fall!

Activity #1: Hiking

Whether you are taking a walk through a provincial park or climbing up a mountain, there is nothing like putting on your favorite sweater and walking through the leaves. The cool fresh air and crunch of the leaves beneath your feet is therapeutic and a break from your daily routine. If you live in the city, plan a weekend in the country this fall and enjoy a fun break from city life!

Activity #2: Cycling

How long has it been since you have been cycling? Cycling in the fall is perfect because you can get great exercise and have a fun time without getting overheated. You can enjoy both the exercise and the beauty of the fall colors. If you don’t have a bike, check into bike rental and have a real treat.

Activity #3: Outdoor Photography

I don’t think any of you would disagree on this one! Fall brings some amazing colors to our Canadian landscapes! Don’t miss your chance to capture the beauty of fall. Not only will you get some great pictures, you will really “see” the beauty of Canadian autumns. Take your camera to a park or find a forest. Look around, you can even find open space in the city or trees along a boulevard to put your camera to good use!

Activity #4: Picking Fruit

autumn has a special treat because fall fruits are usually ready for the picking! Take your kids for a drive into the country where apple orchards hang heavy with fruit from late August through October. Apple picking is a fun and healthy family activity for all ages! What am I going to do with all these apples, you ask? Well, you can make jams, jellies, pies and tons of other delicious recipes. If cooking is not your thing, deliver your excess fruit to the food pantry or shelter and get some good karma out of it!

Activity #5: Have a Picnic

Yes, we know that summer picnics are fun, but don’t you hate the bugs? Forgetting your insect repellent while going for a picnic in summer is a deal-breaker! In autumn, you get that great fresh air, virtually no bugs and great landscapes! All the ingredients for a fantastic family picnic. Take a lunch, a blanket, a soccer ball, a camera and a book and spend a day savoring the beauty of fall. Picnics are a great way to enjoy the beauty of autumn and spend quality time with friends and family.