How to Photograph Pets

If you have a pet, then you know just how adorable they can be! Some of their behaviors are just so cute you practically have to keep the camera within reach. While off-the cuff snapshots are nice, more professional looking pictures of your pet can be great. In order to take even better pictures of your pet, read and try out the following tips…

To begin with, think about your pet’s personality. You will be able to set up shots appropriately if you know how to anticipate their behavior. For instance, if your pet is particularly lazy you can set up a shot of him napping in a cute location, or if your pet is quite active you could try an outdoor location to catch him in action.

Once you’ve thought about places in which to take a photo, evaluate what will be the backdrop of the picture. If the background is too distracting it will take away from the photograph’s intended focus. This doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be anything in the background, but make sure the additional elements add to the photo instead of distract.

Another way to capture your pet at his or her best is to get down on all fours. Seeing the world from their perspective can be enlightening and a great way to capture a shot at their level. Try different angles and heights as you can create completely different looks when you shoot from above as well. Also, try the zoom effect to catch up close details as well as to isolate your pet as the main focus of the picture.

With active pets it’s best to use the fastest shutter speed in order to capture the action shots without them turning out blurry. If your camera has a mode called “sports” or “continuous”, it is likely the best one to try. Work to catch your pet unaware as he goes about his business and you will likely catch some wonderfully funny moments on film!

Finally, include personal elements in the photos as well. Significant people in your pet’s life (including you) and special toys can turn a photo into a cherished memory.