Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Love Rain

We all know the limerick from when we were kids, “Rain, rain, go away, come again another day.” When your feet are wet and you haven’t seen the sun for days. When going out means that you will come in dripping wet, take a few moments and think about all of the wonderful things about rain.

Rain is food for the plants and trees

When you look at an emerald green forest remember that the rain feeds the trees. Trees provide shade for the earth and for all of the creatures and citizens of the earth. There are few things that are as enjoyable as a walk in the forest. Trees also provide food and shelter for a whole menagerie of creatures in parks and forests. On top all of that, trees provide lumber for our homes, apartments, office buildings, furniture and paper!

Rain cleans the air and the earth

After a shower or bath, you are refreshed, clean and ready for the day. Rain does the same thing for the air we breathe and our beautiful blue planet. All the dust and dirt gets washed away by the rain. The air after a rain is moist and fresh, streets and buildings are washed down. Our earth is clean and ready for whatever the day will bring.

Rain replenishes our fresh water supply

Lakes, streams and underground water supplies are replenished from the rain. Human beings are 70% water; this means that fresh water is vital to our life and wellbeing. Rain nourishes the people on earth at the same time that it nourishes the plants on our beautiful planet. If you enjoy lakes and streams for their beauty or recreation, that water comes from rain as well.

Rain takes over our watering chores

If you have a lawn, garden, flower bed or trees at your home the rain has just completed all of your watering chores. Celebrate! Go out to dinner and a movie, visit friends, take a weekend off and read a good book. Everything is watered. Relax and enjoy your time off.

Rain helps us to appreciate the sun!

When you have sun every day, it is easy to take it for granted. When you have had days of rain, nothing is more beautiful than to see the warm sun come out from behind clouds and expose the greenness of parks, trees and plants who have just been nourished. The sun dries up the puddles and invites us to go outside and enjoy the day.

As you can see, rain is what makes our earth so beautiful and alive! At Elephoto, we love the environment so much that all our materials are Certified FSC Mixed Sources, which means that they come from responsibly managed forests!