Wedding details make the day!

Your day is special, you want it to be unique. Why not personalize a few of those must-have items that you need for your big day?

What a great memento of those who shared your day with you. Have your guests sign a canvas print of your favourite engagement photo. Use silver or gold pens to really make it pop!

Canvas sizes range from 8x10in to 24x36in.  Click here to start yours.

Everyone needs a guestbook, but it’s hard to find just the right one. The solution? Make your own! Add your own photos and quotes and create a book that your guests will enjoy flipping through – and you will too, for many years to come.

Our most popular size is the landscape 11×8.5in, featured above.

Table cards take up a lot of valuable room. If you’re limited on space or just want something with more impact, try a big, beautiful seating chart. A framed 22x28in poster will do the trick!

We’d love to help make your day beautiful and memorable. Feel free to write us back with your own great wedding ideas – we’d love to hear from you!

Wedding Guest Book Ideas

With a little bit of imagination, you can turn the traditional signature-only wedding guest book into a treasured keepsake of your wedding. It takes some advance planning but with minimal effort you can create a guest book that you can enjoy and share with your family for years.

First of all, change the way you think about your guest book. A guest book is no longer a place for people to write their name only. Your guest book is a treasured memento of all of the people who witnessed your wedding day and a have history and relationship with you. Here are some ideas  on how to make a guest book you will cherish forever…

Appoint a guest photographer

Have your guest photographer take a photo of each guest or family group as they arrive at your wedding. You will use the photographs of your guests to create your wedding guest book. Taking the photo as your guests as they arrive ensures that you don’t miss any guest.

Match it with your Wedding Theme

If you have a wedding theme, find pens and stationery that fit with that theme. These special artefacts will draw your guests into your wedding theme. If you have no particular wedding theme, go for a classic and elegant design for your guest book.

Distribute special stationery for a personal message

When your guest photographer takes the photo of each guest, have them distribute special stationery and ask your guests to write their name along with a personal message or favorite memory of your relationship. These will become treasured mementos of your wedding as well as of your friendship.

Decide How You Want to create your wedding guest book

How do you want your custom wedding guest book to look? This is your treasured heirloom, you will have the guest name, a special photo and their personal message plus any other treasures from your wedding you want to include. At Elephoto, we have recently introduced some new Guest book templates . We have also increased our fan discount from 10 to 15%, this month only! Become a fan of Elephoto on Facebook to claim your discount code.