DIY wedding photo booth inspiration + free printable props!

One of the biggest wedding trends recently has been DIY photobooths, and for good reason. Photobooths are not only fun to make, they are entertaining for wedding guests and give them the opportunity to have some fun!

There are many different routes that can be taken when creating a photobooth. Here are a few examples to get you started! We’ve also included some free downloads of props and a handy checklist so you don’t miss a thing!

Polaroid cutout photobooth

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Not only is this photobooth adorable, it’s also budget and time friendly. The only materials required include a poster board, string, a marker or two, and scissors. If your handwriting isn’t the neatest or you would like to add some decorative elements to the frame, there’s always the option of getting a printed version. A string of lights or a flower garland can also be used to spruce things up!

Throwback themed photos

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If your theme is vintage, retro, shabby-chic, or anything along those lines, getting creative with some repurposed products are the way to go. Materials used for this backdrop can be found anywhere, ranging from the junkyard to high end department stores.

Floral photos

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(image sources: 1, 2)

You can’t go wrong with using colourful flowers as a backdrop! Brides are also tying in the popular ombre trend in with this backdrop, giving it a gradation effect. This style of backdrop will add an organic and whimsical element to your venue.

Fun with fringe

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This backdrop style is unique and being used by many brides. Unless you plan on purchasing a pre-made fringe/tassel backdrop, creating this design will generally be more time consuming. If you plan on creating your own fringe banner, you will need some basic craft supplies and tissue paper. Fringe banners are super budget friendly!

Custom printed backdrop

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For this backdrop, a large format print will be required. There are many unique and fun options, the most popular being the bride and grooms names written in fancy script along with the wedding date. Some backdrops have also been designed to look like a magazine cover.

These are only a few options for photobooth backdrops, the possibilities are endless. Don’t forget to include some fun props for your guests to have some fun while taking their pictures!

Your photobooth checklist

If you’re putting together your very own photobooth, follow this checklist so you don’t miss a thing! Here’s what you need:

  • Camera, iPad, or laptop with webcam (don’t forget to charge them beforehand!)
  • Photobooth software (Photobooth application on a Mac, Spark Booth or Wedding Booth if using iPad)
  • Printer and photo paper if you plan on providing guests with printout
  • Table and/or tripod
  • Your creative backdrop
  • Props for guests to have fun with
  • Fabric or a large sheet of paper/cardboard to create photobooth
  • Any extra lighting

Free printable photobooth props

Last but certainly not least, we’ve made a few printable photobooth props that you can print out for your own photobooth fun! Just print and mount them on to something sturdy – popsicle sticks and straws make good handles for props! Click images for the full size that you can download and print!



Bonus: make sure no one misses out on your photobooth! Download and print this photobooth sign so your guests can find their way.


Wedding details make the day!

Your day is special, you want it to be unique. Why not personalize a few of those must-have items that you need for your big day?

What a great memento of those who shared your day with you. Have your guests sign a canvas print of your favourite engagement photo. Use silver or gold pens to really make it pop!

Canvas sizes range from 8x10in to 24x36in.  Click here to start yours.

Everyone needs a guestbook, but it’s hard to find just the right one. The solution? Make your own! Add your own photos and quotes and create a book that your guests will enjoy flipping through – and you will too, for many years to come.

Our most popular size is the landscape 11×8.5in, featured above.

Table cards take up a lot of valuable room. If you’re limited on space or just want something with more impact, try a big, beautiful seating chart. A framed 22x28in poster will do the trick!

We’d love to help make your day beautiful and memorable. Feel free to write us back with your own great wedding ideas – we’d love to hear from you!